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Migration Training for Young Migration Professionals

Trainee Testimony

The MCP Med/ICMPD environment: the team was always available and ready to help. Working as a professional officer I know how difficult it is to keep up with everything at the same time and they did this in the best way. I would start by thanking everyone involved in making this training happen. It was a great experience and I acquired a lot of knowledge during these 5 days. I would recommend this training to people I know and for sure will apply for any other opportunity provided by ICMPD and MCP Med TI. Thank you.

— MCP Med TI Trainee

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Authorised Trainer Requirements

The authorisation of trainers will be based on two major criteria:

  • Pedagogy qualification/award
  • Subject Matter qualification/award

The MCP Med TI will ensure the necessary levels of competence in both pedagogy and subject matter for all trainers and their continued compliance with standards.

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