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Award in Crisis Management Essentials

Categories: Crisis Management
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About Course

The course aims to equip participants with the tools and techniques to develop crisis management plans. It will start by focusing on the Risk Management methodology in order to allow learners to understand the process of identifying, assessing, and reducing the most common risks in their work environment. The course will also guide participants through the different types of crises (describing origins and their stages) and will provide tools for the preparation of an effective “Crisis Management Plan” within their respective organisations. The training more importantly will engage participants in a variety of activities and exercises, including group discussions and case studies, designed to help them widen their knowledge on the subject matter as well as develop their hands-on abilities.

Status: Accreditation in process   Qualification Type: Award

ECTS: 1                                               Duration: 4 days

Mode of delivery/attendance: Face-to-face/full-time

Hours of total learning: 25 hours (Contact: 20 hours/Self-study: 3 hours/Assessment: 2hours)

Language of instruction: English/French or Arabic

Address: Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med TI), Development House, 4A, St Anne Street, Floriana, Malta.


  • Attendance
    A full mark implies uninterrupted attendance through the full course of studies.
    Weight: 5 points
  • Practical application structured as follows:
    • Pertinence of questions asked (5 points)
    • Accuracy of answers and solid analytical processing (7 points)
    • Active engagement in discussions, practical exercises and general Q/A sessions (8 points)
    Weight: 20 points
  • Final examination
    Based on a mix of free narrative text, multiple-choice and True or False questions
    Weight: 75 pointsThe passing grade for successful completion of programme: 60/100

Additional Information:

  • Dates for next intake: N/A
  • Educational programme fees: N/A
  • Registration method: N/A
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What Will You Learn?

  • Risk Management
  • Introduction to Crisis Management
  • • Principles, framework and process of Crisis Management
  • • Stages of Crisis Management
  • • Types of crises
  • • Crisis management in public relations
  • The Crisis Management Plan

Course Content

Day 1

  • Course presentation (15 minutes)
  • Introduction to risk management (5 hours 15 minutes)

Day 2
Introduction to Crisis management (1hour 45 minutes) Principles, framework and process of Crisis Management (1 hour 30 minutes) Stages of Crisis Management (2 hours)

Day 3

Day 4

English (UK)