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Award in Leadership Essentials

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About Course

The course provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead a team. It will engage participants in a variety of activities and exercises, including group discussions and case studies, designed to help them widen their knowledge of leadership as well as develop their leadership abilities. Overall, the goal of the course is to equip participants with the tools and confidence they need to take on leadership roles and make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

The course will be articulated around the following themes:

(1) Introduction to leadership

(2) Leadership style frameworks

(3) Situational leadership: How flexibility leads to success

(4) What Leaders do: Key roles and responsibilities

(5) Communication and influence as a leader

(6) How leaders can make better decisions

(7) Reflection and Personal Leadership Development Plan

Status: Accreditation pending      Qualification Type: Award

ECTS: 1                                               Duration: 4 days

Mode of delivery/attendance: Face-to-face/full-time

Hours of total learning: 25 hours (Contact: 16 hours/Self-study: 2 hours/Assessment: 2 hours)

Language of instruction: English/French or Arabic

Address: Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med TI), Development House, 4A, St Anne Street, Floriana, Malta.


  • Attendance
    A full mark implies uninterrupted attendance through the full course of studies.
    Weight: 10 points
  • Formative assessmentLearners will be expected to participate throughout the duration of the course in group discussions and small group work. Other techniques used for formative assessment include the following individual or group-based techniques:
    • Learners are asked to answer questions posed by the trainer and other learners/sub-groups
    • Think – pair – share (at the end of each day): learners are asked to discuss the key points learned with their peers and to come up with any questions they may still have
    • Course recap and Q&A session (last day of training)
    Weight: 30 points
  • Summative assessment: Final examination (at the end of course)This examination includes two sections:
    a. Section 1: Short answer questions (comprised of 10 questions)
    b. Section 2: Case studyCandidates are required to answer both sections. The examination aims to test learners’ theoretical knowledge and the use of said knowledge in relevant scenarios.

    List and define the four (4) elements that make up the leadership process (according to Dunham & Pierce) and explain in short why leadership may be viewed as a process.

    Section 2: Case Study ‘Leadership in times of change’
    Learners will be asked to read the case study scenario carefully. The case study will present a situation or problem that they will need to analyse and propose possible solutions for.

    What steps would you take to ensure that the new team members are effectively integrated into the existing team? Explain your choice.

    Weight: 60 points



    The passing grade for successful completion of programme: 60/100

Additional Information:

  • Dates for next intake: N/A
  • Educational programme fees: N/A
  • Registration method: N/A
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Course Content

Day 1

  • Course introduction (30 min)
  • Introduction to leadership (1) (90 min)
  • Introduction to leadership (2) (60 min)
  • Leadership style frameworks (1) (60 min)
  • Leadership style frameworks (2) (90 min)
  • End of Day 1: Think-pair-share (30 min)

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

English (UK)