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Mission Statement

Accreditation Ceremony

The Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med TI) is officially licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority as a Further Education Institute (Licence number: 2021-16).

It provides quality assured learning experiences resulting in recognised qualifications and awards to a variety of migration actors, ranging from technical front-line governmental and NGO staff, to decision makers and thought leaders. Whilst its main aim is to deliver a full range of tailored learning products and solutions, it hopes to create a space for peer learning, mentoring, and fostering trust-based partnerships.

Our Goal

Expressing our Mission

To become a migration governance Centre of Vocational Excellence providing European-inspired quality assured, accessible and relevant vocational learning opportunities for primarily non-European migration practitioners throughout the Mediterranean.


To contribute to building migration capacity partnerships by establishing a permanent and accredited regional training institute offering quality-assured, bespoke learning and coaching experiences that result in certification for migration actors.


Provide access to quality, cost-effective training designed to transfer the methods, tools and approaches to respond effectively and proactively to the emerging migration priorities both at the national and regional level;

Promote and foster an organisational environment that values development, dialogue, joint initiatives, and multilateral cooperation in migration capacity partnerships;

Leverage technology resources and tools to improve and enhance workflow efficiency.


The Training Institute provides physical, virtual, and support services to learners in order to provide them with the best learning experience possible.

An accessible (including for those with disabilities), state-of-art training facility for in-person learning fully compliant with Health and Safety Regulations;

A combined computer-based teaching and distance learning classroom;  

A comfortable break room;

Access to both physical and electronic libraries of custom-made, quality-assured learning products and reference material.

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Where are we now?

Our Promise

Always be a driver of Partnership, Accessibility and Quality.

– MCP Med TI

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The MCP Med TI is officially licenced by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority as a Further Education Institute (Licence number: 2021-016).

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