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‘Joint leadership, shared responsibility’ in action!

The Jordanian authorities under the lead of the Ministry of Interior, collaborated seamlessly with each other to identify an impressively and diverse array of migration training needs and opportunities.

8/9 February 2023, Jordan.

The workshop conducted in collaboration with ICMPD Jordan and our team of experts from the TI, aimed to discuss Jordan’s national priorities in terms of capacity partnership and establish a tentative roadmap to implement the proposed training activities.

The workshop was also an occasion to encourage national, regional and international cooperation on migration through the promotion and strengthening of high-quality regional migration-related knowledge and expertise in the region while promoting the overall cooperation on migration.
But more than that, we’ve also been developing concrete proposals on how to address those, in ways that recognize the country’s ownership over, and capacity to actively contribute to, lasting solutions at national, regional and international levels – committing expertise, trainers and premises as necessary.
On the last day of the workshop, we were thrilled to welcome representatives of Denmark, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France.

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