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Award in Curriculum Development Essentials

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About Course

The course is specifically designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to create relevant and effective curricula. Whether new to curriculum development or seeking to refresh existing skills, the course will offer trainees a comprehensive approach to curriculum design and development.

Participants will be introduced to a simple, step-by-step process for designing training courses or sessions that align with specific learning objectives. The course will also cover the different phases of the curriculum development process, namely planning, design/development, implementation, and evaluation. Through interactive training methods, participants will learn about the experiential learning cycle and different learning styles, which are critical to designing accurate and logically sequenced curricula that are essential to the instructional and adult learning processes.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to develop curricula that effectively meet the needs of diverse learners, utilise appropriate instructional strategies, and evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum.

The course is of a highly-interactive and learner-centred nature and will be articulated around the following lines:

  • The meaning of curriculum development
  • Overview of different phases and steps in the curriculum development process (planning, design/development, implementation, and evaluation)
  • Types of curricula, experiential learning cycle and learning styles
  • How to choose the right training methods/techniques?
  • Learning by doing: Curriculum design and development (group activity)

Status: Accreditation pending     Qualification Type: Award

ECTS: 1                                               Duration: 4 days

Mode of delivery/attendance: Face-to-face/full-time

Hours of total learning: 25 hours (Contact: 20 hours/Self-study: 3 hours/Assessment: 2 hours)

Language of instruction: English/French or Arabic

Address: Training Institute on Migration Capacity Partnership for the Mediterranean (MCP Med TI), Development House, 4A, St Anne Street, Floriana, Malta.


  • Attendance

A full mark implies uninterrupted attendance through the full course of studies.

Weight: 10%

  • Participation and interaction

Learners will be expected to participate throughout the duration of the course in interactive activities and discussions and partake in Q&A sessions. They will be assessed based on the below criteria:






< 49%













Active engagement in group discussion and peer interaction


Virtually no

interaction with

peers and does

not participate in

class discussions

Limited interaction with peers and rarely participates in class discussions and/or does not stay on task. Some effort to

interact with

peers but does

not take a

leading role.


participation in


discussions. Sometimes deviates from task

Makes an effort to interact with peers daily and sometimes takes a leading role. Actively participates in class discussions. Stays on task. Consistently, actively supports, engages, listens and responds to peers. Takes a leading role. Participates in a meaningful way in class discussions. Stays on task
Contribution, including answers and questions put forward   Contributions

lack relevance

or almost never

comments or asks questions

Contributions are sometimes off-topic or distract from discussion Contributions are usually relevant Contributions are relevant; makes an effort to elicit the


of others


often advance

the level and

depth of the

discussion; adept at eliciting the contributions of


Link between content and previous learning/


No attempt to demonstrate connections to previous learning or experience. Minimal attempt made to demonstrate connections to previous learning or experience. Some effort to demonstrate connections to material from other courses; past experience; and/or personal goals. Makes an effort to demonstrate connections to material from other courses; past experience; and/or personal goals. Makes a sustained effort to demonstrate connections to material from other courses; past experience; and/or personal goals.

Weight: 15%

  • Final examination (2 hours)

The exam is designed to test the students’ understanding of the concepts covered during the course and their ability to apply them in practical scenarios. The questions will be presented in a multiple-choice format, with four options for each question.

Students will be expected to select the most appropriate answer from the options provided. The exam will be timed, and students will have 90 minutes to complete it. 30 minutes will be allocated for the exam intro, room setup, and explanation of rules.

The questions will be of varying difficulty, with some requiring simple recall of concepts while others will require more critical thinking and analysis. To prepare for the exam, students should review the course materials and engage throughout the duration of the course (this is factored in self-study hours).

Weight: 75%

The passing grade for successful completion of programme:  60/100

Additional Information:

  • Dates for next intake: N/A
  • Educational programme fees: N/A
  • Registration method: N/A
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Course Content

Day 1

  • Word of welcome, course presentation, and participants’ introduction
  • What do we mean by ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Curriculum Development’? Definition and general concepts.
  • Overview of the different phases in the curriculum development process (What, Who, How) Phase 1: Planning
  • The different phases in the curriculum development process Phase 2: Design/Development
  • Questions and Feedback

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

English (UK)